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Friday, November 2, 2012

Are you thinking about eloping??

It’s been so much fun lately, we’ve had tons of destination weddings, with brides from all over the country, and now a trend is forming for elopements!
Eloping – it brings to mind sneaking out in the dead of night, preferably down a ladder from a second floor, running to the nearest Justice of the Peace, all in giggles, all in secret, except for, maybe, a best friend. How fun is that! The trend now is still for running off, but instead of the town Justice, brides come to places like New Orleans, with a few friends, keeping everything casual, and having the time of their lives.

They may not have the traditional bridal gown, and other trappings, but most will carry flowers. Bouquets have run from the very simple – several flowers tied in a small nosegay, to quite elaborate. Anything goes, so have fun with it.

For the majority of elopements we've done, there is only a bride bouquet, and sometimes a boutonniere, though some tend to grow from day to day, as friends or family come down to join the party. Some brides are worried that we won't be interested in such a small order - don't worry, we are more than happy to supply whatever you need, no matter how small.
Here are a couple of small bouquets we've made recently, one for an elopement, and one for a destination wedding. More can be seen on our web site and FaceBook